Special Event Liability

Event Liability: If you or your business holds a special event, chances are you might need an Event Liability policy. This is because most events, especially those off of your premises, can be excluded from your main General Liability policy, meaning that coverage does not apply. If you cannot add this event to your General Liability coverage, you can get liability protection back with an Event Liability policy.

Special Events also pose a unique problem for some self-insured entities. Often times self-insurance funds do not allow "Additional Insureds", a provision that is sometimes required by the owner of the event location. If this is the case, a Special Event policy can help to fill this gap.

Individuals holding Special Events might need this type of insurance, too. This is especially true if the event is being held at a location such as a civic center or dining hall. These types of venues could require this insurance, and you, personally, could be held liable should an accident happen during your event and you are found to be without coverage, even if you have Homowner's insurance.

Common Events that need this coverage:

  • Company Picnics
  • Retirement Parties
  • Fund-raisers
  • Parade Participation
  • Formal Dinners
  • Weddings
  • Auctions

This is a small sample of events that might require a Special Event policy. If you are curious about whether your event needs this protection, please contact us.

Liquor Liability: Liquor liability is usually excluded from General Liability polices, especially if the liquor is for sale (even in a fund-raising manner), because of the unique risk it poses. If you are holding an event where liquor is being served, there's a good chance you could be held liable should someone to whom you served alcohol cause bodily injury or property damage. You can help protect yourself with a Liquor Liability policy. These policies are also known as "Dram Shop" coverage.

Other Considerations

Small Business Insurance: If you are a Small Business owner then there are many exposures that you should insure against to prevent your entire operation from shutting down due to one loss. With our Business Owner's Packages, or specific lines of insurance, we can help keep your business financially secure.

Large Business Insurance: Large businesses have a wide variety of equipment, exposures and operations that they need to insure. It is important to know that you have an agency you can trust and a policy you can rely on.

Bonds: Our agency writes a wide variety of bonds. Bonds are often required by law, so be sure that you are properly bonded.

If you are interested in a quote for any of these lines of insurance or are still unsure about what exactly your business might need, please contact us.