Small Business Insurance

General Liability: Liability insurance protects you from claims alleging that you were at fault for causing Bodily Injury, Property Damage and Personal or Personal/Advertising Injury. This is commonly referred to as "slip and fall" coverage, as that is a very common type of claim.

Property: Property insurance is protection for equipment, tools, merchandise and other property your business owns. It is important to know what type of property you have so that it can be properly insured. For example, computers are covered in a different manner than office furniture, and property that leaves the premises (such as to take to a job) is covered differently as well.

Small Business Auto: Small businesses often employ automobiles to make deliveries, visit clients and any manner inbetween. It is often the case that personal auto policies will allow only a limited amount of business activity. Because of this, it is imperative that your business is protected for the liability assumed while using an automobile.

Umbrella: Umbrella coverage acts as "excess" Liability insurance over policies you currently have in force, meaning they would pay covered amounts that surpass your underlying Limits. This provides you with additional protection in the case of a covered loss. While Umbrellas do vary, some also offer additional coverage that would otherwise be excluded from a normal Liability policy.

Small Business Owner's Packages: Small Business Packages are a very common way to package the above mentioned lines of insurance into one policy. This makes it simple for the consumer as well as saves premium dollars.

Contractor's Liability: If you are an individual doing part-time or full-time work as a contractor, you may not need as much protection as is offered with a "Business Owner's Package". However, it is still imperative that you consider "Liability" insurance. We have a market that offers a wide variety of Contractor policies, which can even include coverage for your tools, at a very competitive price.

Other Items of Consideration

Workers' Compensation: Workers' Compensation is required by many states if your business has employees. Workers' Compensation can also cover accidents that happen to you, helping to pay medical costs as well as lost wages.

Bonds: Various types of businesses require bonding, which is a way to show that payment is guaranteed. An example of this would be a liquor bond required to open a tavern.

Special Events: If you have special events, such as company picnics or the like, you may need Special Event insurance. General Liability policies may not cover these activities.

Professional Liability: Liability from any "Professional" act is excluded from most General Liability policies. To cover this gap, you may need Professional Liability insurance. An example of who would need this insurance is a medical office, a beauty parlor, or a lawyer.

If you are interested in a quote for any of these lines of insurance or are still unsure about what exactly your business might need, please contact us.


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